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World Down Syndrome Day at Bridgewater Finance Group

It was World Down Syndrome Day on 21st March 2022 so we put on a bake sale to raise money for Positive about Down Syndrome and Smiley Faces.

We wanted to support these amazing charities to show our devoted supported to one of our employees, Darren, whose eight-month-old son has Down Syndrome. These charities have been there every step of the way since young Jude was born and we know how important they’ve been for Darren and his family.

Bake Sales at Bridgewater Finance are always a raving success and this one was no exception. The Bake Sale raised just £302 in cash for PADS. And then another £424 was donated to Smiley Faces via their Just Giving page. Overall the BFG team raised a huge total of £726 to support these charities on World Down Syndrome Day.

What do Positive about Down Syndrome do?

PADS is a non-profit organisation that helps parents and parents-to-be of children with Down Syndrome. They have online forums on Facebook where parents can come together to share advice, whether it’s through messenger or calls.

Being able to reach out to other parents means families like Darren’s always feel supported. Families can share their experiences, so they know what they’re going through isn’t unusual. PADS are always keen to engage new members and get people involved.

“There are people on there that you can contact that have a child four months older than yours so that they’ll have gone through what you’re going through.”

How can you find help and support?

The charity offers local support groups for parents, with easy to access through Facebook or through their website. Darren attends Smiley Faces in Bolton. It’s not only an opportunity for the parents to meet and greet other parents but a great opportunity for their 4-year-old daughter to spend time with other children, aside from her brother, with Down Syndrome.

Find resources on the PADS website and their Support Group page.

PADS organise days out for children and their families including a Christmas Day with a raffle, food, and Father Christmas, as well as summer fun like trips to Blackpool beach, and all-year-round activities. They bring families together whether that’s virtually or physically and show them they’re never alone.

“They made it easy for us to transition to having a child with Down Syndrome.”

Here at Bridgewater Finance…

We’re proud to have helped Darren in raising money for PADS and for supporting him during his, and his family’s journey. World Down Syndrome Day happens every March and you can contribute any time. Join us in supporting Positive about Down Syndrome.

“This company, Bridgewater Finance Group, were really supportive. I’ve never experienced support like this.”

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