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Northern Powerhouse Minster To Open Bridgewater Finance Group Offices

Northern Powerhouse minster Jake Berry MP will open the newly acquired offices of Bridgewater Finance Group in what has been an outstanding year of business for the Manchester based company.

Friday 12th October will see the official opening of the 6,920 sq ft first floor offices in Bridgewater House, Whitworth Street, Manchester for the Bridgewater Finance Group. It is also an opportunity for employees to be recognised for their contribution to the Northern Powerhouse and for the owners Charles and Suzanna Elliott to be commended on their impact to the local economy through continued growth and employment within the city.

Talking about the office being opened by Jake Berry MP, Charles Elliott who started the company and remains the head of the group said “A sustainable business only gets what it needs to survive and thrive if it helps people get what they need to enjoy their lives. By going above and beyond what is expected we succeed”

The occasion also marks a year since the leading brand within the Bridgewater Finance Group, DFH, achieved full authorisation from the FCA regulation in what was a huge 3 year shake up of the debt management industry. Suzanna Elliott founder and director of the Group said “Over the last three years the landscape of the debt management industry has definitely changed for the better and we are we looking forward to this next chapter “

The office deal was agreed in April 2018 with a five-year lease which saw the 110 strong team move from Manchester House on Princess Street which had been their home for 14 years, move into the newly renovated offices next to the Palace Theatre on Whitworth Street.

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