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Providing advice and solutions to individuals in debt

If you’re worried about your finances, it can be difficult to know where to turn. We’ve got over 19 years of experience helping people deal with debt, with the vision in mind to help all, no matter how big or small their debts are.


Bridgewater Finance Group

01. Who We Are?

Bridgewater Finance Group is a privately-owned UK business, comprising of consumer focused brands offering different solutions to individuals in debt.

Our singular goal of being Here to Help has given us a unique heritage dating back 19 years which has seen the business grow and adapt to consumer needs.

There are around 400 employees across the group based in our city centre office in Manchester. Companies within the group are regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority or the ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales).


Excellent working relationships

02. Our Partners

One of our main business objectives is to have excellent working relationships with all our partners involved in our services. This includes; our customers, the creditors (lenders and debt collectors), the regulators and our employees.


Average debt level our customers have when reaching out to us


How many different creditors we work with on behalf of our customers


Number of debts each customer has on average


Cases accepted by creditors

Fully trained

03. What We Do?

Across all our brands we give easy to understand advice to people in debt.

Our advisors are fully trained with Ofqual accredited qualifications in Debt Advice and also Mental Health and Vulnerable Persons Training produced by The Samaritans.

We do not judge every person is treated as an individual and with respect. Clear, confidential advice is given to everyone, no matter how big or small their debts are.

Our teams understand that the circumstances surrounding debt are different for each situation, so taking this into account we advise on the best potential solutions for each caller.

We advise on: Debt Management Plans, IVAs, Debt Relief Orders, Trust Deeds, Debt Arrangement Schemes, Bankruptcy, Charitable Help, Consolidation Loans or Self-Management with Budgeting Tips.

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04. Our brands

The logo for Westberry Financial.

Here to help

05. Why We Do It?

Bridgewater Finance Group was founded with a premise of “here to help” people with their debts. It is something that bonds all of our members together and makes us proud to come into work each day. Even after 19 years in the business, we still get a kick out of hearing how we have helped our customers better their lives – and it’s this that gives us the drive to do more and help more.

“Managed everything for us. 3 months and we will be debt free. Started with nearly 40,000 in debt. We are ready to start a new life with no debt. Never would have been possible without this company. Helped us get our lives back on track. Thank you”

— M Huxley-Duggan

“I would like to let this establishment know how grateful I am for their assistance as I was in a very bad place and did not no what to do absolutely at the end of my tether until I came across these and the wonderful customer service team who has been a star a real rock for me as I really could not see a light at the end of the tunnel . I hope anyone who has financial problems and debtors harassing them especially, if like myself you have disabilities and mental health issues, it is such a relief to know that there is HELP OUT THERE”

— MG Blessxxx

“You are truly amazing!!! in the past four years you change my life…. you gave me a life! You gave me a courage! You gave me a strength and you gave me a hope to build my future our future thank you is not enough to say!!!! But from the bottom of my heart you’re my best friends thank you and God bless you guys Thank you 🙂”

— Mr J Quimpo

“Once I’d had the initial conversation and my debt management plan was in place, I was able to see the overall debt lessening month or month until I am now at the point where the light at the end of the tunnel is very bright; just one more payment to make and I’m debt free and looking forward to having some extra cash every month. They have always dealt with my plan and any queries without delay. It was initially for 5 years; I will have paid it off within 4 years and 6 months, a result I’d say and one I wouldn’t have achieved without them. I’m one very happy client!”

— S Laycock


Operating since 2004

06. Our History

Bridgewater Finance Group was born when founders Charles and Suzanna Elliott decided to return from working abroad for many years to raise a family back in Manchester. After a chance meeting with an old business contact, Charles and Suzanna came across the newly formed debt management sector.

The reason this appealed so strongly to Charles in particularly, is that he too experienced difficulties with personal debts as a young man and with the help of his uncle, he was put on a “debt management plan”. It was clear to Charles that not everyone had an uncle that could help them with such a plan and that there were hundreds and thousands that could benefit from the same service.

Initially setting up as DFH in 2004 Charles and Suzanna invested a large amount of capital into software systems, regulatory advice, training and recruitment of experienced staff so that they could start to offer a professional service to consumers in debt. It wasn’t long before the company was helping 1000’s of people a month.

2018 saw a large investment into the Group, our team software developers have completed a bespoke CRM advisory system enabling our advisors to service our clients more efficiently and also providing further detailed Management Information to help us work with all our Partners in the most effective manner as possible.

Our story hasn’t ended there with further investment in newly renovated state of the art offices located close to Manchester’s busy Oxford Road. The office has been a wonderful reminder of how far we have come and has provided us with a great opportunity to grow our company and reach new heights within our industry.

In April 2018 the business moved into Bridgewater House, a newly renovated Grade 2 listed building in the heart of Manchester. This move will allow us to further invest into technology and IT infrastructure. It has allowed us to grow and help more customers and put more emphasis of innovation and moving with customers’ needs and all our Partners’ needs.


Helping clients to a better life

07. Our Founders


“From the moment I heard of helping people in debt as a business idea I knew we had to do it. The thrill of knowing that what we do on a daily basis is helping clients to a better life, fills me with such joy and pride”


“The great thing about the business is the feedback we get from the clients and the immense pleasure that gives us to hear how our service has positively impacted their lives”

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08. Get in touch

0161 359 7888


If you would like to find more information about Bridgewater Finance Group, feel fee to call us on the number above or fill in the contact form and we will be in touch with you shortly.